Mark Coghlan is a singer/songwriter, audio engineer and music producer living in Lions Bay B.C.

From the beginning, music has been his muse. Since his youth in the city of Thunder Bay, he’s strived to hone his natural ability for writing and performing. Taking his cue from pop icons of the seventies and eighties, his aptitude towards word-craft and pop song structure enables him to create soulful, radio-friendly songs. Encouraging thoughtful introspection… as well as the desire to get up and dance.

Relying on raw emotion and musical fearlessness, Mark dares the listener to pay attention. He offers the chance to be part of the story, challenging the conventions of music each step of the way.
I believe a song doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. Just as I believe if the listener knows the outcome too soon you’ve lost them… As long as you spin a tale that holds them until the last strum of the guitar, so long you’ll have a satisfied customer.
His current project pulls the listener from the desolation of small town Canadiana to the very edge of the river Styx. His musical journey stops only to wax on the push and pull of life, love, happiness and sorrow.

For the past two decades, Mark has lived on the rustic coasts of British Columbia. A wondrous, musical place of inspiration. It could be said that this land has played a major role in Mark’s life and development.
Mountains defiant of conquest, whispering sagas of long ago…
Oceans conjuring up swells of emotion and fluidity, with storms of passion and rocky intrigue…

Mark is just finishing up a year of intensive study in audio engineering at Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver. With new found skills, matched with time earned ones he looks towards the future.

One full of promise and challenge, wonder, music and life…


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